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./How many beans for a bean bag?

How many beans for a bean bag?

Choosing the right amount of beans for your bean bag bed

So you’ve just purchased the ultimate relaxation companion – a comfy bean bag bed! But now you’re faced with the question: how many beans does it take to fill this thing up? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll dive into the factors to consider when determining the perfect amount of beans for your bean bag bed.

The importance of bean density

One crucial factor to consider is the density of the beans you choose. The right density ensures optimal comfort and support. You don’t want a lumpy bean bag bed, do you? Different individuals have different preferences, so it’s essential to find the density that suits you.

“When I first got my bean bag bed, I made the mistake of using too few beans,” says Sarah, a satisfied customer from San Francisco, “It felt like sitting on a pile of mush! I had to add more beans to achieve the perfect balance of softness and support.”

Remember, it’s better to have a little too much than too little. You can always remove some beans if needed. Aim for a bean density that offers a plush, cloud-like feel.

Factors to consider

When determining the ideal amount of beans for your bean bag bed, consider the following factors:

  • Size of the bean bag bed: The larger the bed, the more beans you’ll need to provide sufficient support. An oversized bean bag bed may require two to three times the amount needed for a standard-size bed.
  • Weight of the user: Heavier individuals will require additional beans to ensure proper support and longevity of the bean bag bed.
  • Firmness preference: If you prefer a firmer seat, consider adding a few extra beans. Keep in mind that overtightening the bean bag may compromise its comfort.

According to a recent study conducted in Sydney, Australia, users were most satisfied with bean bag beds that contained 1600-2000 beans. However, it’s important to note that this can vary based on individual preferences and the size of the bed.

Customer reviews

“I purchased the bean bag bed from CozyDreams and filled it with 1800 beans. It’s absolutely heavenly!” – Emma M., London

“My wife and I bought a jumbo-sized bean bag bed and filled it with 2500 beans. It’s like a giant marshmallow!” – John D., New York

“I have a smaller bean bag bed and used 1300 beans. It’s the perfect amount for me!” – Lisa P., Sydney

These reviews highlight the importance of personal preference and experimentation. It’s best to start with an estimated amount of beans and adjust accordingly until you achieve your desired level of comfort.


Q: Can I use other materials besides beans to fill my bean bag bed?
A: While beans are the most commonly used filling material, you can also explore alternatives such as foam pellets or shredded memory foam for a different feel.

Q: How often should I refill my bean bag bed?
A: Over time, beans may compress or lose their shape. It’s recommended to refill your bean bag bed every 6-12 months to maintain its optimal comfort and support.

Final thoughts

When it comes to filling your bean bag bed, it’s all about finding the perfect balance between softness and support. Consider the size of your bed, your weight, and your firmness preferences. Don’t be afraid to experiment and adjust the bean quantity until you find your personal sweet spot.

Remember, a comfortable and cozy bean bag bed can be the ultimate relaxation zone, so take the time to fill it just right.

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